Off-grid security camera

To keep an eye on our house under construction, we wanted a security camera with motion detection. We didn't have any power or internet on site of course, since the house was still being built. So I made my own off-grid security system. Camera Outside

Communication The Microhard Bullet LTE makes an internet connection over LTE cellular. You buy a SIM card, put in in the bullet and plug anything that needs internet connectivity into its ethernet port.

Power I used my two 6-volt RV batteries (which I wasn't using in winter for the RV) to hold power for this camera. The batteries are being charged by a solar panel (also from my RV) and a simple solar charger

DC/DC converter from Yeeco to ensure a steady 12 volt supply. Battery voltage can fluctuate from 11.8 volt to 13.5 volt and most electronics expect a steady 12 volt. CameraBox

Camera The Foscam FI9803P has motion and sound detection, infrared LEDs for night vision and has a great app.

Camera View

This system wasn't cheap, but worked remarkably well: it was -20 celcius pretty much all winter long and this camera never broke down. I could pull up the live video at all times, which helped a lot in figuring out which contractors were showing up,. The motion detection does not work in winter (I haven't found any motion detection software that does work in Canadian winter!) but is great to activate when you are expecting somebody, so you get alerted when they arrive.

Are you interested in this off-grid security camera? Do you want to build one yourself? Leave a comment below, I'm happy to share what I learned.

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