A much larger garden

I finally bought a rototiller for my tractor; it is a CAT II 1GN-180H from Hillman ImplementsIMG_0125.JPG

With the rototiller behind the tractor, I quadrupled the size of the garden so that I no longer had to skimp on space and squeeze too many plants together. The tiller pulled up a lot of roots and quite a few rocks as well, but after 3 passes the sod had been mulched enough and the soil was ready for planting.

IMG_0137.JPG I used some of the local trees to create tripods for the pole bean support and used bale twine to create a lattice for them to climb on.

IMG_0142.JPG All the rain and snow this spring has delayed seeding by several weeks in our North West zone, but it did turn our slough into a nice lake! Last year the canoe was dragging over the weeds which were about 3 feet thick. This year we have at least a foot and a half more water and canoeing was great.IMG_0141.JPG

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