Starting seeds in the greenhouse

GreenhouseSeeds1 I fixed my greenhouse a few weeks back, so now the wind can no longer blow directly inside since the panels all stay put. This gave me the idea to start using this greenhouse for early "indoor" planting this year.

Last year, the cabbages, Belgian endive and the garlic were all on the small side and would have benefited from a 2 to 3 weeks extension to their growing season. I do not have enough room or south facing windows to start flats of seedlings inside, especially since I already have this indoor garden taking up most of that real estate. But by putting a large, black barrel in the greenhouse and filling it up with water, I hope I added enough thermal storage to keep the temperature above freezing and I can start the seeds in the greenhouse.

I created benches that keep the flats off the ground; they should be warmer and dry higher up. I keep the window and door closed of course, and put clear plastic covers on the flats, just to give them an extra layer of plastic to keep the heat in. The seeds won't germinate for at least another week and the temperature at night will be another few degrees higher by then.

GreenhouseSeeds2 I started

  • Belgian endive
  • Red cabbage
  • Onions
  • Fennel
  • Asparagus from the seed I saved last fall

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