Sourdough bread

Sourdough rye I love "heavy" breads, strong beer and good cheese. In fact, add a leafy green and you'd have my ideal diet! Wouldn't be too healthy but I would never get tired of eating it.

Whole wheat, rye and oat breads are my favourite, especially with a freshly baked crunchy crust. Lately I have been baking my own bread and experimented with sourdough starters. Sourdough starter is basically flour and water left out for a couple of days; the wild yeast naturally present in the flour and the air will start growing in the wet flour mixture and you can use it instead of commercial dry yeast to leaven your bread.

Sourdough bread is made with only four ingredients: flour, water, salt and a few teaspoons of oil. In the spirit of less is more, I found that eliminating ingredients can often bring out a great flavour and I have been very happy with how my sourdough breads have turned out.

Sourdough rye

Here are some of the recipes I followed and liked:

bread4.jpg Sourdough starter bread5.jpg

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