Four different mushrooms we found in 2016The summer of 2016 was very wet, causing many mushrooms to pop up in the woods. We don't know much about mushrooms so we did not eat any, but they sure look nice.

The white plant in the upper left corner of the picture is "Indian Pipe" or "Ghost Plant". Apparently it's not really a mushroom; the plant contains no chlorophyl (that's why it is white) so it cannot make its own nutrients through photosynthesis. Instead, it steals nutrients from other mushrooms nearby, which in turn exchange food with tree roots. We had quite a few of these indian pipes, perhaps because there were hundreds of mushrooms to steal food from around.

Coral mushroom growing on a tree trunk
We also found a "Coral mushroom" on a tree trunk. Since the previous land owner used the property mainly for firewood, we have many tree trunks around.

Do you have any experience eating wild mushrooms? Can I eat any mushrooms in these pictures?

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