Backup sump pump

When you live in a neighbourhood with a name that includes the word "lakes", you need a reliable sump pump. Ours goes off whenever it starts to rain and will continue discharging for a few hours after it stops raining.

This morning, my backup sump pump saved the basement; it was beeping because the primary pump's screws had finally rusted away and the pump was heating up the sump water, drawing 7 kW of power!

I turned it all off and installed the spare sump pump.  The pump manual says to drill a 3/16" hole in the pipe to prevent vapour lock when the pump stops. Well water comes shooting out at high pressure, so I improvised a water deflector which some rubber.

When you have a backup pump, both pumps must be connected with a one-way valve, otherwise the water will never be pumped out.

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